Electric Goldfish started life as a collaboration between Faceless Ventures, Incognito Experiences and Nick Hutson Music, born out of a desire to continue working creatively whilst under the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown. For our first project we created The Pandora Network - a series of remote interactive experiences where the audience is invited to take part in solving a supernatural mystery.  We initially created two different productions -"Burying the Hatchet" (May 2020); and "The Nightlight Circus" (August 2020); each with a different mystery to solve.

As lovers of immersive and interactive theatre ourselves, one of our key aims is to make these theatrical experiences accessible to as many people as possible, not discriminating against age, tech savviness; or location;  by creating unintimidating and easily accessible remote productions that use familiar and simple to use platforms.

All aspects of our experiences are created in-house by our own talented team of creatives - this includes artwork; documents; radio quality audio work and interactive video's.

As well as exploring the limitless opportunities that remote experiences provide; we are also already concepting live interactive in-person productions for future shows and attractions.