Electric Goldfish is a collaboration of Artists creating immersive theatre and remote interactive experiences that put our audience at the very heart of the story.


Coming this October

to Manchester.

After three successful online interactive shows we are very proud to start creating our first live production. "Mansion" is a multi sensory journey lasting approximately 40 minutes. Audiences in small intimate groups will be guided on a chilling trip thoughout one of Manchester's most renowned haunted venues - Antwerp Mansion.


Interactive Ghost stories available whenever you want.

“Keep the Candle Burning” will utilise 360 degree sound, high quality music and auditory special effects. It will consist of several intertwined “twilight zone-esque” ghost stories, that can be listened to in sequence or separately, narrated by a storyteller who will encourage you to interact and “play along”, travelling to different rooms in your home as you do so.

Is your safe haven really as protected as you think?


Every aspect of our shows are created   in-house.

All aspects of our experiences are created in-house by our own talented team of creatives - this includes artwork; documents; radio quality audio work and interactive video's.

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The Pandora Network nomination for a award.

Or online "Whodunit" interactive shows The Pandora Network has been nominated for a 2020/2021 SCAR Award in the Best Virtual Experience by Scare Tour & ScareCon. We will have our fingers crossed in May when the winners are announced online. The ceremony is usually part of the night time entertainment at ScareCon Europes only Scare Attraction industry convention, unfortunaltly due to Covid 19 restrictions this years event has been cancelled.


"This experience shines in the almost limitless amount of Actor-driven interaction"

- Haunting.net

"That was terrifying, enjoyable and fun but terrifying"

(Keep the Candle Burning)- ScareTrack.

"Worldbuilding of this particular attraction was unparalleled"

(Nightlight Circus review) - ScareTour